Be Strong.

Stand tall.
Shoulders back.
Eyes forward.
Gaze relaxed.
You don’t have to be strong everyday. That’s impossible. But you CAN choose to be positive. You can CHOOSE to look up. You can CHOOSE to inspire through the simplest of actions.

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Little eyes, views from the sidelines, teammates, coaches and everyone you come in contact with each and every day. You can either elevate them or bring them down with you. CHOOSE to lift them up along side with you.
I BEG of you, lift them up with you.

Even in your darkest moment, that opportunity to elevate another person will return the effort to you ten fold.
What we put out into the world, we receive doubly as much.

Put out love. Put out empowerment. Put out encouragement. Put out happiness. Always.

It’s up to us to CHOOSE how we walk through our days. Make the choice today to walk through it with confidence and love. Those aspects will walk right along side you.

And if you can not make that choice today, make the choice to find out why, work on it, improve it, build it and then when you are ready, you will CHOOSE the best choice for you. Each and every day.

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